Words can't describe the beauty of music

The Outer Space Project (finished)

Sometimes when I’ am playing the piano my mind is completely silent, these are moments when I only feel. At these moments there are dozens of feelings rushing through my body and one of them is very strong. The feeling of the endless possibilities that you and I can create.  When I feel this I’ am overflowing with creativity and can create for example different versions of songs that already exist or create new songs. This is also what I did in my new cover: Interstellar First Step. In this state I can see myself as the person who I am at this point in my life. A quote I heard last week reminded me of this topic: something grows if you’re putting you’re dedicating into it. The pianocovers are for me a recorded expression of my past and where I was as a pianist and in my personal development. Long was I at a point that I didn’t love the creations I made. The main reason for that “problem” was that I couldn’t fully commit to my creations. It was not only musical, but also for example with speaking and writing. When I did this I had a feeling of total discomfort and frustration, because what I felt inside absolutely didn’t cover what I projected in the outside world. When I do this now, (still do this) I look at the situation and how I can do it differently next time. I also remind myself that this is my learning process, that it is oke to make mistakes, and that is good to fully express yourself.

Another change that happened in the last few months is that I really love my learning process.

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