Words can't describe the beauty of music

The Outer Space Project

For a long time I was wondering which piano piece I would take for my next project. I have tons of piano pieces that I want to learn, but for some of them I don’t have the skill yet to fully master them or to create a new version of the song. One of the songs I was talking about is: Chopin Nocturne in B-flat minor Opus 9.1. I don’t have the words to fully express my feelings towards this peace. This creation is mesmerizing, fascinating and magical at the same time and every time when I am listening to this song there is a little sparkle of joy inside me that ignites when the melody starts. What do you think about the pieces of Chopin?

After a few days surfing the internet I stopped looking for a piano piece and only played the songs that I already knew. But then I came across a song that caught my attention. My brother and I discuss a lot of different topics that are happening in our lives. He was telling about the movie, Interstellar, which he had seen a few weeks ago. He said that I needed to go to the movie Interstellar and that the soundtrack of that movie was fabulous. He moved to his computer and started the theme song of Interstellar and when the song ended I could not say a word. After a few minutes I caught my breath and said: “that song is beautiful and that’s the one I want to learn. So now I am practicing the main theme of Interstellar. When it’s ready I will post it on my WordPress. What do you guys think of the movie Interstellar and what do you think about its soundtrack? Let me know what you think!!! And don’t forget to comment and subcribe on my youtubechannel!!


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